Some random photos of the Hutch and surroundings

I’ve been wanting to do a photo essay of the Hutchinson River for a while, concentrating on locations and areas that offer some different perspectives. The only thing holding me back was a decent camera. So, the first thing I did when I received my stimulus money was to buy a digital camera.

For the past two days I’ve gotten out on my bike to start taking those pics, which I’m sharing now. I’ll be posting an article in the next couple of days on some of the things I discovered, and people with whom I spoke along the way as I was taking these pics.

The first two pics were taken from Bay Shore Avenue in Country Club. There are a number of locations in Country Club to view the Hutch and Eastchester Bay.

The Hutch flowing toward Eastchester Bay. On the far left side of the pic is the Pelham landfill.

View from Evers Marina looking toward City Island.

Here are some views from  the bike trail along City Island Rd.

Taken from a little before the traffic circle. Looking toward Rodman’s Neck

Same location but looking back toward Shore Rd. There’s a Parks Dept. facility off to the right (out of pic).

My main interest on this ride was to get pics from the landfill side of the Hutch. It’s not easily accessible but there’s more activity here than I thought.

There’s a path down to the water but it’s not easily found.

There is a chained gate but people have just created a path around it (on the left).

I met this young man when I reached the shore.

He was just hanging out relaxing. Had his bike with him.

I had to park the bike and continue on foot.

Looking toward the HRRP clean-up assembly area across the river.

View from closer to the bridge.

Some scenes as I followed the path South toward the bay.

Looking toward the City Island Rd. side of the river going toward the island.

This is about as far as I was able to go on the path. But there are people down there fishing.

Looking back toward the bridge and Coop City.

I’d seen these pipes earlier but didn’t know where they were coming from…

…until I saw this stream cutting across the path.

The water is coming from under this structure, apparently draining from the landfill.

The landfill is accessible from the path. No signs are posted.

I walked onto the landfill and saw this structure which appears to be part of the drainage system.

Met some really cool people on my trip. I spoke with these guys who came by shortly after I got there. They told me they come here often to fish and are concerned about the condition of the river.

Also met this wonderful family who there for a family day out. Dad told me he’s been taking his family here since his daughters began to walk. He also came here as a kid. Mom told me her daughters were very interested in environmental issues, including trying to get her to give up plastic bags. They too were concerned about keeping the river clean and safe. We spoke for a while. When it was time for me to leave they gave me a bottle of water which was quite welcome.

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