United States Obtains Court Order Requiring City Of Mount Vernon To Address Polluting Storm Sewers

On September 22nd, 2020, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Southern District of New York granted a Summary Judgement against Mt. Vernon for illegal discharges into the Hutchinson River. The Hutch is most affected by pollution, sewage discharge, and illegal dumping. This is a major victory for the people. HRRP will be participating in a virtual meeting with State Senators Alessandra Biaggi (SD34), Jamaal Bailey (SD36), and Mt. Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard on Oct. 28th for updates and progress in remediating the problems.

Here is what the court ordered Mt. Vernon to do:

  1. Track down and identify all sources of illicit discharge for impaired storm sewer system outfalls, and eliminate all sources of illicit discharge;
  2. Perform necessary construction and repairs for impaired outfalls;
  3. Complete inspections to ensure detection of future illicit discharge;
  4. Obtain the necessary equipment, staffing, and funding to comply with its Clean Water Act and permit obligations;
  5. Develop an updated storm water management plan;
  6. Perform a sewer system evaluation survey of the sanitary sewer system to identify possible discharges of sewage and develop a sewer system corrective action plan; and
  7. Submit periodic reports to EPA and New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

Additional Documents:

One response to “United States Obtains Court Order Requiring City Of Mount Vernon To Address Polluting Storm Sewers

  1. just last week while kayaking i saw hundreds of dean fish floating on the water and lots of feces on goose island in particular
    poor river, poor animals, poor us

    reeeeealy need a fixup


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