2020 Hutch Clean Up Report and Pics

Our thanks and appreciation to all who participated in this years annual HRRP clean up of the Hutchinson River on Sunday, Sept. 20th. If you volunteered this year, we’d like you to fill out our clean up survey to give us your feedback on the experience with any suggestions, ideas and comments that might help us make improvements for future clean ups. You’ll find the survey here.

Despite the ongoing Covid pandemic and the safety guidelines we needed to follow, we still had a well attended turn out. We were limited to 25 participants and that’s just how many showed up. Special thanks to the leaders and scouts of Troop 109, Mt. Vernon. They accounted for more than half the attendees.

The day started off with brisk temperatures but quickly warmed up to what became  just about a perfect day. As we were not permitted to be out on the water ( no canoes were provided this year), the clean up was restricted to about a half mile stretch of shoreline adjacent to our usual assembly area.

We also want to give a shout out to our friend and neighbor Lovie Pignata for providing us with this big tank of much welcomed — and needed — coffee.

And, as always, our thanks to Marrianne Anderson, Lynne Corry and the rest of the Parks Dept. / Pelham Bay Park staff for giving us the go ahead for our clean up when we weren’t sure it would happen this year.

HRRP works in conjunction with The Ocean Conservancy / American Littoral Society as a participating group in their annual NYS Beach Clean Up program.  You can view the report we submitted for this year as well as for  past years in the Reports and Studies pages of this website.

Here are some more photos of this years clean up. Click on photos for larger image:

Adjie Henderson and Violet Smith at the sign in table

Our supply bench

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